Welcome to our travel tips page. Here you’ll find loads of useful info to help get you prepared before setting off your tip. Travellers to Northeast India are provided with these advisory trips by our team:

Start with your holiday package by choosing a guided tour package. It’s the best way to travel with family because all the details are pre-planned for you. This is especially important if you are not keen on researching destinations yourself. The itinerary also ensures that everything is planned based on what you/ your family wants to see and experience. Just make sure all the activities are something worth trying and gives you and your fellow travellers a new dimension of the places visited.
If you are travelling on a budget then you should plan with flight, ground arrangements, passport, visa, meals, transport, shopping and contingency cash for emergency. Products provided by Explore Northeast India DOES NOT include airfare and travel expenses. Please contact Explore Northeast India executives for booking information and details.

People travelling to Northeast India queries about availability of vegetarian food. Please inform our team while booking if travellers are pure vegetarians. Explore Northeast India website and executives provides information about Vegetarian hotels and restaurants in cities and towns where travellers are visiting.

The climate and temperature varies among the different States in Northeast India. Hill States like Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya have extreme cold climates in the winters. Also places like Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, have heavy rainfalls where temperature are rather low, so travellers are advised to pack raincoats, umbrellas and warm clothes. Please address your queries to Explore Northeast India executives for further information.

Please expect cellular tower disturbances in some parts of the hill states of Northeast or some remote parts. Family members and associates can contact Explore Northeast India office anytime to know about the whereabouts of the travelling/trekking customers.

Please carry useful accessories like power-banks, torch lights, raincoats, camping accessories in case of trekking and camping visits.

Please carry few over the counter medicines like paracetamols, gastro related medicines, odomos and bandaids etc on you for travellers participating in camping and trekking trips. Also, notify the Explore Northeast India team beforehand if travellers suffer from high altitude diseases, vertigo etc.

When you are overseas/ holiday destination, do call your close relatives/ friends to let them know you have arrived safely and keep them updated of where you are if you are moving around. Make sure to always keep your luggage locked when leaving them behind in the hotel. Carry your passport with you and ensure you don’t carry excessive cash that might attract attention.
Before your return flight, do confirm your flight details in case of delays or cancellations. It is best to ensure that you have all travel documents prepared and easily accessible for check in. Always plan your packing and don’t do too much last minute shopping that can’t fit your luggage. Keep track with the luggage requirements of the country you’re visiting in mind.

Do not forget to remind your close relatives/ friends of your return and make arrangements for an airport pick up. Keep track of all your valuables and make sure that they are in your hand- wallet, passport, camera, watch, jewelry.
Make sure you are at the airport two hours (or 3-4 hours in some countries) earlier to avoid missing the flight.
Please follow the itinerary of the trip as per Explore Northeast India and the instruction of the professional guide or camp leader of Explore Northeast India who are more accustomed with the local norms and culture.

Please take note that visa requirements for certain countries may change from time to time. It is advisable that you check with Explore Northeast India executives before booking a holiday. Explore Northeast India office will arrange for required visa or any other permits like the Inner Line Permit (ILP) which is needed for visiting the hill states of Northeast India.


For Inner Line Permits (Indians) the following documents are required atleast 10 days prior to the commencement of the tour –

  1. Photo Id proof and address of each pax – Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Indian Passport, Driving License
  2. Passport size photographs of each pax

For Protected Area Permits (Foreigners) the following documents are required atleast 30 days prior to the commencement of the tour –

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Valid Indian Visa
  3. Passport size photograph of each pax  
  4. Arrival and departure Train/Flight Tickets to the region
  5. Permit fees

Have lots of fun; you are travelling to one of the most beautiful places in India.