Sivasagar, previously known as Rongpur.It is 365kms east of Guwahati.It was the capital of Ahoms,who ruled Assam for more than 600 years.They ruled Assam virtually uninterrupted for six centturies until their knigdom fell to the British in 1862. It is famous for a 257 - acre tank,that is a at a higher elevation than the rest of the town, with three temples on its banks - Shiva dol, Vishnu dol and Devi dol. Shiva dol, which draws large crowds at Shiv Ratri and also believed to be the tallest Shiva temple of india.Its height is 104 feet above sea level. Sibsagar is the leading tea and oil -producing town. Joysagar,5 kms off the Sibsagar town, said to be the biggest man-made lake in the country, is spread over 318 -acres of water on the edge of the town. A new addition is the Ahom Museum or Tai Museum on the bank of the Joysagar tank, which stores artfacts of the rules,including swords and clothes, manuscripts, goblets and platters. Charaideo the place of interest is about 28 kms est from Sibsagar town. It was the capital of the Ahom kings, built by Sukapha, who was the famous Ahom Kingdom in Assam. Charideo is famous for burial vaults of Ahom Kings and the members of royal families. It resembles to some extent the pyramids of Egypt. Gargaon, at one time it was the principal capital of Ahoms built by king Suklengmung, lies 13 kms east from the Sibsagar town. It is famous karang Ghar, Talatal Ghar and Rang Ghar. These historical monuments were built with 18th century architects by King Rudra Singha during 1696-1714AD was the military station of the Ahom Kings. It is a seven-storied palace having three storied underground known as Talatal Ghar and the upper storied known as Kareng Ghar. The entrire structures are of historical and architectural interest. Sibsagar is also famous for Rang Ghar and Namdang stone bridge. Rang Ghar amphitheatre was built by king Pramatta Singha. This two-storied oval shaped pavilion is one of the largest of its kind in Asia. The Namdang stone bridge, carved out of a single boulder hundreds of years age, over which a busy highway still runs today.

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