Chapchar Kut is usually observed some time in February or early March every year after completion of their most arduous task of jhum operation i.e. jungle cutting. This festival may also be called spring festival as it comes off during spring season. Among the festivals, Chapcher Kut is paramount and prominent. It is still observed and celebrated in a grand scale every year the celebration of which being taken up by the state government in coordination with NGOs. Nowadays it is celebrated in such a manner that a community programme is organized where demonstration of cultural activities and performance of different performing art b way of competition in a festive mood are held.


It is a harvest festival, which came of some time in December or January when the harvest work of all the crops are over. In the past it was observed ad celebrated in a grand scale. With plenty of grains in the barn and all the labours of the year over, what a better time is thee than this to have a grand festival was the mood of the general people. This festival is now substituted by Christian festivals like Christmas and New Year.

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